Introduction to
the Electric Vehicle Industry and Yuma's Competitive Edge
Overview of the Electric Vehicle Industry:
The electric vehicle industry is gaining prominence in smart cities due to its environmentally friendly nature. It encompasses electric-assist bicycles (e-Bikes) and electric vehicles (EVs), both reliant on high-performance motors and quality motor cores. As a green vehicle in the 21st century, electric vehicles (EVs) attracts much more attention in many countries. Motor cores are main components of motors and these motors are at the heart of EV propulsion, converting electrical energy into mechanical power to drive the vehicle.The main motors used to drive EVs are high-power permanent magnet brushless DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, switched reluctance motors and so on.The development trend of these motors is high efficiency, high output and intelligence.In recent years, domestic electric bicycles have developed rapidly.Electric bicycles are mainly driven by wound disc permanent magnet DC motors and permanent magnet brushless DC motors.In addition, special motors have also been widely used in locomotive driving and ship propulsion, such as linear motors for maglev trains and subway trains.
Yuma's Strengths in the Industry:
Yuma, as a specialized high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and manufacturing of motor cores and tooling, holds significant advantages in the electric vehicle industry.
Material Optimization and Performance Enhancement:
Yuma possesses expertise in optimizing core lamination materials, improving motor performance, and increasing efficiency and power output.

  • Hybrids bikes
    Hybrids bikes
  • Mountain bikes
    Mountain bikes
  • Electric vehicles
    Electric vehicles
Customization Capability:
The company can design and manufacture customized motor cores according to clients' specifications, meeting the diverse requirements of e-Bikes and EVs.
Global Service Network and Clientele:
Serving over 4,000 clients worldwide demonstrates the company's international influence and extensive market coverage within the electric vehicle industry.
Yuma's Manufacturing Experience in the Electric Vehicle Industry
Professional Teams and Factory Support: The company boasts professional teams for tooling development and design, backed by large-scale manufacturing facilities, ensuring quality and innovation in motor core production.
Widespread Industry Application: Yuma's products find extensive use in various sectors, including e-Bikes, electric vehicles, showcasing the company's diversified manufacturing experience and adaptability within the motor core industry.

Manufacturing Capacity
The company possesses three R&D centers, namely product R&D, tooling R&D and equipment R&D, including more than 20% of R&D personnel and over 50 invention patents and utility model patents.The company has won the "Brand Building Award" for many times, "Jiangsu Province specialized and special new enterprise", "Jiangsu Province private technology enterprise", "four-star cloud enterprise", "Changzhou Internet benchmark Factory". Furthermore, the company is also certified as "Changzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop", "Integrity Operation Demonstration Unit", "Changzhou New Energy Servo Stator Core Engineering Technology R&D Center", "Member of tooling & Mold Industry Association".

Yuma's Manufacturing Capabilities
in the Electric Vehicle Industry

  • Technological Advancements

    Leveraging technological advancements in information technology, automation, and smart manufacturing, Yuma enhances production efficiency and product quality.

  • the manufacturing process

    Yuma maintains strict oversight in areas like Kanban management and error prevention, ensuring controlled quality and stability throughout the manufacturing process.

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