Yuma has continuously improved its software and hardware capabilities. So far, it has more than 60 imported high-speed punch presses and more than 30 precision tooling processing instruments, such as Sodick, Seibu low-speed wire-cut, American Moore Jig Grinding, MAZAK Machining Centers, etc.

Currently, there are more than 400 tooling in service, including up to 50% of large rotary tooling, and up to 40% of block-type tooling

At the same time, Japan's Keyence projector, Japan's Mitutoyo profilometer, Zeiss three-coordinate verticality detector, tensioner, altimeter, concentricity detector and other precision testing instruments provide more reliable quality assurance for the products.

Technical Support
By importing Kingdee ERP cloud system and MES intelligent manufacturing system 2.0, Yuma realizes lean management by combining the pulling system centered on production and manufacturing with auxiliary systems such as WMS intelligent warehouse management, Andon system, and first-in-first-out system.

Imported precision processing equipment is used to ensure higher precision of the product. Cooperate with world-class tooling suppliers to ensure reliability and stability of self-developed tooling.

The workshop environment with constant temperature and humidity ensures more stable product manufacturing.
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