Overview of
the Automation Equipment Industry and Yuma's Competitive Edge
Automation Equipment Industry Overview:
The automation equipment industry covers a spectrum of fields focusing on control automation, instrumentation, and network communications. There's a growing emphasis on sensor and control products, integral components within industrial automation. Increased automation and intelligence development across industries drive the rising demand for various types of motors.
In the field of automation, the motor accurately controls and monitors the speed, position and force by receiving sensor signals, realizes the positioning, handling and processing of materials, and realizes the collection and analysis of production data through various sensors and network communication technology.There is no doubt that automated manufacturing has run through the factory design, production, management, service and other manufacturing links.Automated manufacturing improves production efficiency, and robots or manipulators are used instead of some production processes that require workers to participate in. Automated machines on assembly lines often rely on powerful motors with large core diameters for increased precision and force output (torque).

  • Network communication
    Network communication
  • Instrumentation
  • CNC
Yuma's Advantages in the Industry:
Yuma, specializing in motor core development and manufacturing, possesses notable advantages in the automation equipment industry:
Motor Core Expertise:
Yuma's proficiency in optimizing motor core materials and enhancing motor performance aligns with the escalating need for motors in automated systems.
Customization Capability:
The company's capacity to craft customized motor cores precisely meets the specific requirements of automation equipment, addressing the demand for specialized motors in diverse automated machinery.
Yuma's Manufacturing Experience in the Automation Equipment Industry
Dedicated Manufacturing Teams: Yuma's specialized teams in tooling development and design, supported by advanced manufacturing facilities, ensure the production of top-quality motor cores crucial for automated machinery.
Versatile Industry Applications: Yuma's motor cores are widely deployed across various facets of automated manufacturing processes, demonstrating the company's diverse manufacturing expertise in the automation equipment realm.

Manufacturing Capacity
The company possesses three R&D centers, namely product R&D, tooling R&D and equipment R&D, including more than 20% of R&D personnel and over 50 invention patents and utility model patents.The company has won the "Brand Building Award" for many times, "Jiangsu Province specialized and special new enterprise", "Jiangsu Province private technology enterprise", "four-star cloud enterprise", "Changzhou Internet benchmark Factory". Furthermore, the company is also certified as "Changzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop", "Integrity Operation Demonstration Unit", "Changzhou New Energy Servo Stator Core Engineering Technology R&D Center", "Member of tooling & Mold Industry Association".

Yuma's Manufacturing Capabilities
in the Automation Equipment Industry

  • Technological Superiority

    Leveraging advanced technologies in IT, automation, and smart manufacturing, Yuma enhances its production capabilities to meet the intricate demands of automation equipment.

  • Precision and Quality Control

    Yuma upholds stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring the precision and reliability of motor cores used in automation equipment.

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