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Resolver/Transformer Core|YUMA Precision Motor Core

 2024-01-16 | View:98

Rotary transformer is a rotating part that is usually used to transmit electrical signals or power. It transmits signals or power through rotation without the use of sliding connections. This technique is common in equipment and systems that require continuous rotation. The following are some common areas of application for resolvers:

  • Rotating mechanical systems: Resolvers are often used in mechanical systems that require continuous rotation, such as rotating tables, rotating platforms, wind turbine mechanical systems, etc. In these applications, the resolver passes control signals, power, or data signals without being constrained by rotational motion.

  • Radar systems: Radar antennas usually need to rotate continuously to detect targets in different directions. The resolver is used to transmit power and control signals during the rotation of the radar to ensure the continuous operation of the radar system.

  • Medical imaging equipment: In some medical imaging equipment that requires rotation, such as CT scanners, resolvers can deliver power and data signals, allowing the equipment to rotate without downtime.

  • Spacecraft and satellites: Some spacecraft and satellites need to be rotated to change orientation or perform other tasks. Resolvers can be used to transfer power and control signals during rotation.

  • Industrial automation: In industrial automation systems, especially for automated equipment that needs to be rotated, resolvers are used to transmit power and signals so that the equipment can perform control tasks during operation.

  • Automotive field: Resolvers are mainly used to transmit power, signals and data in automobiles to support the normal operation of various electronic and electrical systems. These systems may include the vehicle's driver assistance technology, security systems, entertainment systems, and the like.


The following are some typical situations in which a resolver is used in an automobile:

  • Steering wheel: Some vehicles are equipped with a steering wheel with electronic assistance functions, such as electric power steering. The resolver can be used to transfer power and signals as the steering wheel is rotated to support the functions of the electronic assist system.

  • Air bag system: Some cars are equipped with an air bag (airbag) system on the steering wheel, and the resolver can be used to transmit trigger signals and power to ensure that the airbag can be deployed in time in the event of a collision.

  • On-board camera systems: Some vehicles are equipped with 360-degree panoramic systems or other multi-camera systems, which are usually installed in different locations of the vehicle, while the resolver is used to transfer the power and video signals of the camera, so that it can still work properly when the vehicle is turning.

  • In-vehicle entertainment systems: In some in-vehicle entertainment systems that require rotation, resolvers can be used to transmit power and signals to support the normal operation of rotating parts, such as rotatable display screens.

  • Electric Vehicles: In electric vehicles, resolvers can be used to transfer power and signals, such as electrical energy and control signals, between the electric vehicle's motor and battery system.

In general, resolvers play a key role in systems that require continuous rotation, ensuring that power, signals, data, etc. Can be efficiently transferred in rotational motion without the need for traditional sliding connections.

Yuma Precision specializes in the production of resolver cores. As one of the core components of resolvers, cores not only ensure the efficiency of signal and power transmission, but also play an important role in the performance of equipment.

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